Oregon Coast Adventure

Close to the end of our time in Oregon we took a day & drove over to the Coast. We had a great day exploring the Oregon Coast Aquarium, eating lunch at Mo’s, buying salt water taffy, & “playing” on the beach!

This was Ezra’s favorite thing at the aquarium: a “submarine” for kids that had buttons you could push that made the sounds of whales, fish, as well as other underwater sounds!

They also had a play area where the kids could “fish” for plastic fish & crabs and then “sell” them at a market. Ezra liked pretending that he was fishing!

Audrey LOVED the fish!

They had a tank where you could touch sea creatures like sea stars, sea anemones, & sea urchins.

Hi, Puffin!

The seals were so much fun to watch!

Mommy & her girl! 

Watching the seals from above the water

This picture is really blurry, but I don’t have a better one of the tunnel! It was pretty cool to be surrounded by water & fish!

Heading for the water! 

Audrey experiencing the beach for the first time in her life!

Watching the waves!

Drawing in the sand

Smile for Baba!


The beautiful Oregon Coast!

Thanks, Baba, for a fun adventure!


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