Time for a break in our adventures for a smattering of cute photos. For some reason most of them are of Audrey. I think it is because she is easier to photograph, because she holds still for longer than 2 seconds!


Storytime with Baba

Audrey & Mommy at JBC’s baptism

I love this picture & I love that little girl!

Ezra loves playing with Uncle Noah & Uncle Caleb’s trucks, tractors, & “machines”

How is it possible that I used to baby-sit these young ladies back when they were little girls?!?!

Ready to drive!

Audrey with two new friends!

Ezra loves playing with new friends!

So happy to be sitting in the middle of a field out at work with Grandpa!

Audrey & Cousin Hailey

She loves it when she figures out how to pull herself up! 

She LOVES being outside! 

She was so mesmerized by…

her great-great Uncle Clyde playing his harmonica!! She wasn’t the only one!


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