Family Vacation

Shortly after arriving in Oregon, we took a family vacation to Central Oregon. My mom found a great house to rent so everyone met there for a few days of family-togetherness!


Audrey & Daddy at Giovanni’s waiting for some amazing pizza!

Our little Beaver Fan eating a duck! What can I say, but “Go Beavs!”

We were pretty excited to leave the cool, cloudy Willamette valley behind & get to our rental house in sunny Terrebonne, Oregon!

(I forgot to get a picture myself so this picture is off the coldwell banker website. This house can be yours for $618,000.)

The rental house my mom found was wonderful, but the best part was the view!

This was taken in the side yard looking at the view of Smith Rocks & Mt. Jefferson

Uncle Caleb & Baby Hailey both looking a little concerned about something!

We didn’t plan their coordinating outfits – it just happened! 

Trying out the cowboy hat!

Brother & Sister with their daughters at breakfast!

Micah & my mom went hiking at Smith Rocks our first day there

Looking back at the trail they hiked up! I think I’m thankful I stayed home!

The view from the top! So amazing!

Hello, Lizard!

Auntie Tena & Audrey

Baby Hailey & her Daddy

Ezra roasting his first marshmallow 

Can’t quite decide what he thinks of his first bite of S’mores!

“Yep, they are yummy! I want S’more!”



One day we took a little morning ‘trip’ to Shaniko. It is a town that used to be booming, but now is nearly a ghost town. There are still a few people there, but it is very remote!


Little cowboy!

They do have a post office in Shaniko!

Exploring the town

Our cowboy hearing the call of the dusty trail!

Uncle Noah & Ezra in jail

Mommy, Audrey, Ezra, & Grandpa all in jail together!

Taking an evening stroll at Smith Rocks on our last night there

So beautiful!

We stopped off to see Tumalo Falls on our way back to the valley

Daddy & Audrey at Tumalo Falls

My little boy looking more & more like a big boy!


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