Summer fun

Audrey & her cousin wearing their matching dresses made be Nene while Ezra jumps on the trampoline in the background

“I’m ready for practice, Daddy!”

Waiting in the Salt Lake Airport for their connecting flight to Oregon (& looking like they do this sort of thing every day!)

Flying to Grandpa & Baba’s house

Audrey, I’m pretty sure the captain said “Fasten” your seatbelt, not “Eat it.”

Ezra studying the Safety Information Card from the Seat back pocket & telling me, “Sometimes there is fire, sometimes there is smoke, & sometimes there are broken pieces. And look there is a lady holding a baby going down the slide just like you mommy!” Uh, thanks, Ezra!

Ezra is already a master at flying! We went through some turbulence (which he handled quite calmly) & when it was over I commented that I didn’t like turbulence to which he replied, “Yah, you do, mommy!”

Bedtime stories with Baba

Audrey got so relaxed & comfortable that she didn’t make it to the end of the story!

Ezra riding on the bulldozer out at work with Uncle Noah

Audrey & Grandpa driving the four-wheeler

“Now lets drive the tractor, Uncle Noah!”

Audrey sitting in the bulldozer seat looking quite serious about this undertaking!

Ezra & Daddy went to the Marion County Fair. They saw lots of fun things including rabbits.

Ezra specifically asked Micah to take a picture of this rabbit!

And this rabbit too!

“Hi, Piggy!”

Ezra picked out a train ‘rollercoaster’ to ride on even though Micah warned him that it might be scary. It ended up being a big mistake – he was quite frightened by it!

Next he picked out a really low-key boat ride!

He also picked out a helicopter ride that went “up & down”, which he loved!

My little girl sitting in my old highchair! 

She figured out how to turn all the way around in her chair!


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  1. These pics are great! What great experiences for your kids. I’m bummed we’re not going to get to watch them grow up in person. =) But the pics help!

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