Cute kids!

Life has been so busy lately! I’ll be working on writing about our latest adventures, but in the meantime, here are pictures of the kiddos (which is why people check this blog after all!):

Cute Smile!

Yummy carrots!

Say “Cheese!” OR just stare at the camera!

Audrey & Uncle Devin

Nene with Ezra & Audrey

Playing with Noah & his animals

Audrey managed to get herself ‘handcuffed’ to her toy!

What happens when Ezra watches T.V.!

Wearing one of the dresses Mommy wore when she was a baby!

What often happens while I am trying to take Audrey’s monthly picture!

1 three-year old + 1 donut with red & blue frosting in the back of the car = ONE BIG MESS!!!!


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One response to “Cute kids!

  1. chrissy

    Your kids are not the only reason I read your blog, but it is fun to see how they grow. Hope you are doing well!

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