Iceland, part 2

We started our day in Iceland with breakfast at Prikid, one of the oldest cafes in Reykjavik

Houses in Reykjavik

Hallgrímskirkja up close

The inside of Hallgrímskirkja was simple, but pretty. Most importantly though, it was warm!!


After seeing the town, we got in our car & headed out to explore the countryside. It seemed like the landscape changed pretty dramatically every 20 minutes or so. It was a very rugged country, but incredibly beautiful!






Heading into Þingvellir (one of the national parks in Iceland)



Visiting the geysers


It was so cold & windy!


There goes geysir!

 Supposedly, geyser is the only Icelandic word we use in English, although they spell it geysir. The geyser that erupts is also called “geysir”. Not very original naming if you ask me!

Who doesn’t need a hat with a mustache & a beard?


Icelandic horses

I felt so bad for the horses in Iceland. They all seemed to be standing with their backs to the wind. It looked like they still had their winter coats on even though it was June. We learned later that Icelanders are especially proud of their horses & if a horse leaves the island it is not allowed back! Also, DO NOT call them ponies!


Icelandic Lupine (At least, I think so. I’m not a flower expert!)


Yes, they have KFC in Iceland (along with TGIFridays). No, we didn’t eat here. Micah just thought the “svooogott” on the sign was fun!

Our time in Iceland was all too short, but we really enjoyed the time that we got to spend here! I also loved having a stopover in the middle of our flights to & from Europe! Too bad Icelandair doesn’t fly to Madrid!


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