A blessing & an honor

Back in February, Micah was asked to come speak at BFA’s graduation. Thanks to our tax return Audrey & I got to come along!

Audrey helping Mommy pack for the trip

Audrey’s first plane ride (she did really good on all 4 of the flights!)

We got to visit with lots of our friends. Unfortunately, I’m terrible at remembering to take pictures so I don’t have as many pictures as I’d like! I think that every single lunch & dinner we had in Germany (as well as a couple coffee & ice cream breaks) we ate with friends. It made me realize just how blessed we are!

We had planned to stay with friends of ours, but due to one of them being sick, we ended up staying with other friends who are living in our old apartment! It was unexpected & fun to sleep in “Ezra’s room” & ‘live’ in our old place once again!

Two of my small group girls were in town so we got to catch up on their year!

BFA’s class of 2012! Such a blessing to get to be back at BFA for this special day!

Mr. Powers speaking to the graduating class.

Micah did a great job speaking to the students! He challenged them to remember where they are headed & that you can’t change the impression you make on people.

If you are interested, you can watch Micah’s address to the Seniors here: http://bfacademy.com/parents/graduation/2011-12/ (Micah’s talk starts at 1:27.)

Micah & Janelle, one of his former students & basketball girls

Audrey & Rachel, a Witt girl & graduate

Audrey & our pastor during our time at BFA. He said he got lots of comments about his preaching to Audrey & causing her to fall asleep! He is a great pastor & we are blessed to have been a part of his church.

Audrey & Kailyn, a 2011 graduate who was back in town

A fun lunch with friends (although 6 kids kept the 6 adults on their toes!) We had the best homemade chicago-style pizza! So good!

Audrey jumped right in with the kids! Here she is pulling the hair of one of the girls!

Audrey & Missy, one of my small group girls from my first group! She is now graduated from University & headed on to new & exciting things! It is always such an encouragement to see how God is using the students we worked with, mentored, & loved!

Audrey with her Germany Opa & Oma! God blessed us so much with the adopted family he chose for us!

A beautiful sight & a pretty good representation of our time in Germany!

I missed BFA terribly this past year. So much so that at times I had to get off facebook or I knew I would start to cry. Because of this, I had been concerned that being back might be hard, but it really wasn’t. It was just wonderful, full of catching up with people we love. It felt like being home. I had to keep reminding myself that it wasn’t home any more (at least not in the sense of where we live, although I know a piece of our heart will always remain at BFA). I had really prayed that God would allow this trip to be one of farewell, a dying to my wishes & I feel like He answered those prayers. I know he has promised exciting new adventures in Spain & I now feel like I have closed our chapter on BFA & can begin to fathom opening the next chapter at ECA.


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