Party Time!

My boy is 3 years old! We celebrated with a “Dinosaur Train” (PBS tv show) party on Monday with his grandparents, Aunt, Uncle, & Cousin. It’s the first year we’ve ever gotten to celebrate with family so that made it really special!

Daddy frosted the ‘volcano’ cake!

All ready for the party!

We had to open one present early, because waiting for everyone to arrive was taking too long for a three-year old’s patience. He had asked for this car months earlier & always reminded us, “I have a party & get Franceso Bernoulli”. 

Audrey & her cousin are ready to celebrate!

In fact, thanks to her Uncle, Audrey has a fun party hat!

Can’t even wait long enough between presents to take a picture! 

Ezra did so good in the pool considering it was only his third or fourth time in a pool in his life. By the end he was “swimming” (dog-paddling) from person to person!

Audrey’s a natural in the water! She absolutely loved it!


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  1. Happy Birthday, Ezra! Looks like a lot of fun! Love the pool pics-especially Audrey kicked back and casual!

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