Home is Wherever You Are

People in our line of work tend to be very transient. This means lots of packing, lots of moving, lots of homes. We are blessed that (thus far) in our 7 1/2 years of marriage we are only on our second home. Although, hopefully & Lord willing, we will be moving into a third home before the year is out. That being said, I wanted to document our “Home for the year”, especially since it was Audrey’s first home.

The apartment complex is called “Country Place”, which I find ironic as it is off a fairly busy highway & there isn’t a whole lot of ‘country’ around, but I guess it is all about perspective. To some people I guess this is ‘country’, but to me this seems like ‘city’ compared to where I grew up!

Our apartment is on the left side, second floor


Living room


Audrey’s ‘room’ (it is not really a room as it is off the living room & while they call it a “ranch room” I think it seems like a formal dining room.)


Kitchen & Dining room


Ezra’s room (I posted a picture of the side of his room with the bed earlier)


Guest Bath


Our room (we do have a window &  a small walk-in closet, but I couldn’t take a ‘wider’ picture or you would see the messy part of the bedroom!)


Our en suite bathroom!!! (First time in our marriage!)


And that’s it. It isn’t huge, but it has more than served the purpose we needed it to serve for our time in the states. While it hasn’t been easy for me to live in an apartment complex, the people around us are very friendly and it has been convenient to almost everything (except Micah’s work!).

And now the packing starts. Again.


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