Look out world…

Here we come!!!!

Visa pictures serve a multitude of purposes:

a.) They allow you to visit/live/work in the country to which you are applying.

b.) They are unflattering so they keep you humble.

c.) They show who needs a haircut (or perhaps who needs to grow hair!)

d.) They remind you (or rather serve as one of a myriad of reminders in the course of a day) that you CANNOT force an ‘almost-three-year old’ to do anything including stand still for 1 second. Or at least not without tears!



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3 responses to “Look out world…

  1. Chrissy

    Oh, I am sorry, but Ezra’s face just made me laugh and cry at the same time. I can just imagine the moment, in fact I am sure that we have lived that moment many times in our experience too. Thanks for sharing this and making my day!

  2. Julianna

    Hilarious! Love the pics and the honesty! I must say, Audrey looks quite like her mommy here – and both of you look very focused and ready for Spain.

  3. lol-great :-). Audrey actually looks quite sweet! And since Micah doesn’t like to smile much for pictures anyway, he looks pretty normal!

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