Air Show

Last weekend, we attended the Joint Service Open House & Air Show. It was the first time I remember ever going to an air show & it was definitely Ezra & Audrey’s first air show. It was a fun experience!

We had to park at the Redskins Stadium & take school buses to the Andrews Air Force Base. Ezra was perhaps just as excited (if not more so) about riding a school bus as he was about all the other things we saw that day!

So much to see!

This Osprey aircraft blew Ezra’s mind! “It’s a helicopter. Wait! It’s an airplaine! No, it’s a helicopter. What is this thing?”

This was as much of the Blue Angels as we got to see since they did their demonstration in the afternoon & we had to get home for nap.

This was the first time Ezra got to see paratroopers! He still can’t stop talking about the “parachutes”!

It doesn’t matter where you are, when someone gets hungry, someone has to eat! This is definitely the first time I’ve ever fed a baby sitting on a Tarmac!


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