Pictures of our big boy!

Someday Ezra is going to be really mad at me for posting these pictures for everyone to see, but I can’t help it, these photos are just too precious/hilarious not to share!

That’s right, folks! We are working on potty training.

**For the moms who are curious: We’ve had some successes, we’ve had some failures, but we are a lot further along than we were a month ago (when he would shriek “NOOOOO” & stiffen up if I even moved toward the potty while I was holding him). I’m not really pushing it too much knowing we have a lot of transitions ahead of us & I definitely don’t want to do the work to get him completely trained if he is just going to revert when we move. Right now we are using the potty & wearing underwear when he wants. He only want to use his potty chair so we aren’t really ready to venture out of the house with this new skill.

We are still working on getting our underwear on the right way!!!

This was a long-sought after award for FINALLY going #2 in the potty! 


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