A Red-letter Day!

Wednesday was quite a day in our household! Most of the things were totally unrelated, though.

Red-letter day item #1

The kids & I got to participate in a celebration at Holy Cross Hospital as they recently delivered their 100,000th baby since 2000. That works out to about a baby born every hour, every day! My sister-in-law & I got invited to attend because our mom-in-law works for the hospital. The e-mail we received said it was lunch & that media would be present. What would have been more accurate would have been to say it was a press conference & lunch would be present. Audrey & I sat with the other moms holding their holy cross-delivered ‘babies’ while some important hospital guy gave a little speech & people took pictures of lots of nurses. It was different than what I expected, but ended up being a fun experience. Audrey & I made it onto the slideshow the hospital posted on their website about the event:

As a result of our being there, both Audrey & Ezra ended up on TV during the 5 ‘0 clock news! Audrey showed up on one station for a couple seconds & Ezra was on another station’s report for a couple seconds! Way to go, kiddos!!!

Red-letter day item #2

Audrey had her first cereal! Her first attempts were not terribly successful:

However, by the end she seemed to be getting the idea! (She is only eating rice cereal, not applesauce, regardless of what Ezra says in the clip)

Red-letter day item #3

I was finally able to fit back into my dress pants! Happy day for this mommy!


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