Busy weekend – Saturday

This past weekend was quite busy, but really fun! It started out with a trip south to Virginia. We actually left on Friday night after Micah got off work & got to the house where we were staying quite late. Thankfully, our hosts are late night people!

The next morning we were off to Lynchburg to visit three of our former Witt girls who are going to school in the area. We visited with them for a while on Liberty’s campus (since that is where two of them go to school) & then it was off to cracker barrel for brunch!

Ezra & Kat building a tower

While Ezra napped in the car, we had girl time in the dorm! Audrey got some good snuggles!

After his nap, Kat & Ezra played airplanes!

Jordan & Audrey 

We met up with a couple more BFA alumni & headed into downtown Lynchburg.

While we were down there Kat took some new family pictures for us! I really wish she lived closer!

Kat & Audrey

The whole group at Sonic!

We really enjoyed seeing these BFA alumni & catching up with them! It was wonderful to hear how each of them are doing & the directions that God is taking them! God has truly blessed us with some wonderful ‘kids’ (who are no longer kids)!


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