Family vacation, part 3

Micah rejoined our family once he was finished with work on Friday, so on Saturday it was time for another family road trip. This time to St. Mary’s City, the site of the 4th permanent settlement in British North America.

We got to see a demonstration of the way the Native Americans made canoes with fire. It was pretty interesting.


Mommy & Audrey watching the canoe-building demonstration. Well, at least Mommy was watching it; Audrey appears to be interested in the grass!


Uncle Caleb trying on some pelts. I think Ezra wasn’t quite sure what to think of it!


My husband & brothers worked really, really hard to get this picture. Apparently this is the standard cannon shot or something…


Heading off to see an old barn & a rebuilt version of the old church


We got to see what a tobacco plantation would have been like. There were even people dressed in costumes & staying in character as the landlord & the indentured servant (it made asking questions a little awkward: Back in the 1600’s did they…uh…did you…). Ezra mostly just wanted to play with the chickens.


There was also an old boat (or a new boat build to look old. I’m not sure. You miss a lot when you are spending time feeding a baby in the van while everyone else is reading the explanations!)


First Ezra really didn’t want to go on the boat as it was “too sceery”…


Then Ezra loved the boat & we had to pull him off, kicking & screaming! Ah, two-year olds!


(picture taken off the internet) For lunch we went to Courtney’s seafood restaurant. When we pulled up, I thought, “Wow! I’m not so sure about this place!” When we walked into the restaurant, nothing inside changed my mind. However, the food came out & it was amazing! Mr. Courtney catches fish each morning that they use in their fish baskets & then his wife cooks it up – delicious! This place has actually made it into magazines as one of the best “seafood dives”!


After lunch we drove down to Point Lookout State Park, which is one of the southernmost points in Maryland. It was also the site of the Union Prisoner of War Camp during the Civil War (again, civil war history for my brother). We made a couple of stops, but someone was hungry & then needed a diaper change so I was stuck in the van. By this time it was getting on in the day so we headed back to scrounge up some dinner!

The next day, the guys all headed out early to drive to Martinsville to see a NASCAR race (one of the things my brother insisted they needed to do while on the East Coast, along with stopping at a Waffle House).

According to my husband it was the “best thing ever”! I think my brother said it was the ‘most American thing’ you can do. Needless to say, I think they all had a great time!


While the guys were gone, my mom & sister-in-law watched Ezra so I could have breakfast with a couple of the nurses who took care of me while I was in the hospital.

I am so thankful for these two gals as well as many other women who took such good care of Audrey & me!

The rest of our Sunday was just the ‘women & children’ at home & we had a pretty slow day, which was perfect after our busy day the day before!

The next morning there was a surprise waiting for Ezra: a new race car from his Daddy!

It was sad to see everyone go, but I suppose we all have to get back to real life! Just today on our way home from the grocery store Ezra spotted a big white van & said, “Grandpa, Baba, Uncle Noah, Auntie Tena, & Uncle Caleb”. I love that he got to spend time with my family & got to know them better!


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