Family Vacation, part 2

We spent quite a few days just relaxing at the house & enjoying the view as well as time with one another.

Audrey playing with Uncle Noah

A quiet morning

Lunch on the deck

When we BBQ steak, we don’t mess around!!! (Actually I couldn’t believe how much meat my dad bought: 11 pounds for 8 people! Needless to say, we didn’t finish it all in one meal!)

Ezra & his uncles!

Audrey fussing at Uncle Caleb

Audrey with Grandpa

Audrey & Baba

(I think Audrey got held a LOT while we were on vacation, because all of a sudden she thinks she needs to be held every minute of every day!)

The guys went on a chartered fishing trip one morning. They had fun even though they had to ‘catch & release’.

Ezra spinning around & around in the swing with Uncle Caleb

(This picture was taken not long before Ezra threw up from all the spinning. My brother’s response was: “I guess you can’t trust a two-year old”. Apparently, since he kept asking for more, my brother kept spinning him. Ironically, Ezra was crying for more even after he threw up & I took him in the house to get cleaned up! I guess he still hasn’t made the connection!)

Swinging (& only swinging) with Uncle Noah

It was sunny & I forgot to bring a hat! My brothers kept calling her ‘Sister Mary Martha’.

Ezra loved all the snacking that we did!

Oh, man, did we eat good! This night it was shish kabobs on the grill. My brother & his wife did most of that meal! 

(Did I mention that I’m going to be an Aunt again sometime in early May? I can’t wait!)

So serious!

“Well, hello, brother!”

Another beautiful day!

“Aren’t I the cutest?”

Ezra loved playing cars with Uncle Noah (he is really good at it!)


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