Family Vacation, part 1

My entire family came to visit us from Oregon for 12 days! Rather than staying around D.C. my mom found us an amazing house right on the Chesapeake Bay! It was an incredible place!

The living room is at the back of the house & has these huge windows that look right out at the Chesapeake bay!


This is the view from our back porch!!!


This is looking back at the house with the bay behind you. That porch was just perfect for relaxing & enjoying the view!


Since my family was getting in rather late in the afternoon, I went ahead & had dinner ready for them when they arrived. It was fun to see my family & to introduce them all to Audrey!

The next day it was road trip time! Our first stop was Stratford Hall, which is the birthplace of Robert E. Lee (yes, the Confederate Army General – my brother is really into civil war history & my husband loves pretty much any kind of history)

I took this picture from the website, because we didn’t get any  pictures of the house from the front!


It was a pretty impressive house! It was fun to imagine what it must have looked like back in its’ heyday!


We had a tour of the inside given by Edna Mae. She was very knowledgeable, although a little difficult to understand. She took us through all the rooms in the house & told us lots of information & fun facts about the house! Unfortunately you couldn’t take pictures of the rooms, but it was quite nice.


The view from the main room of the house was pretty amazing! It’s hard to see in this picture, but off in the distance is the Potomac River.


Ezra did okay on the tour, but what he really wanted to do was get back to chasing the poor chickens!


Next we headed to Fredericksburg where one of the civil war battles was fought so we could see some of the sights.

Here Ezra is chasing his Uncle Noah on the sunken road (which apparently is where part of the battle took place).


Now it is Uncle Caleb’s turn!


We also saw a monument to a soldier who risked his life giving water to dying men from the other side.


Next up was an old-fashioned soda!


Ezra wasn’t the only one excited about ice cream!


Although Audrey looks a little upset that she didn’t get any!


Our last stop of the day was trenches left over from the Civil War! I can’t believe that this trench was dug 150 years ago!


My brother felt that he needed to get the full experience!

See that white van in the background? Our family has gotten so big that we no longer fit in a ‘normal’ vehicle. My mom tried to rent a 10-passenger van, but the only thing they had was a 15-passenger! We got so many ‘looks’ as people drove past. I think they must have thought we were a youth group or something, but hey, we were certainly comfortable!




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