This sweater & hat were made by Micah’s maternal grandmother, Judy. She passed away when Micah was 2 1/2 years old, so these are very special for us to have. 

It seems that the sentiment is lost on Audrey who just really hates the hat!

“It’s okay, baby Audrey, it’s okay!”

Ezra insisted that they needed to have their pictures taken together!

Absolutely TOO cute for words!!!

No matter how well she is swaddled she always seems to get her hands out!

So nice of brother to share his car!

“It snowed!” (When it gets quiet in your house & you have a toddler, be afraid, be VERY afraid! Yes, that is all salt from the salt shaker!)


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One response to “Cuties!

  1. Sarah

    I completely understand a quiet toddler, there’s been flour all over our floor, and pancake mix all over the oven…Love the things they do!!! 🙂

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