Prayer cards

One of the challenges, er, I mean joys of being a missionary is keeping one’s prayer card at least some what up to date. This was a fairly simple task when it was just one person & even as a couple it was simple. Put on a clean outfit, find a nice location, look at the camera, smile, take a couple shots, & done! These prayer cards lasted for quite a few years. Now that we have children they are constantly growing & changing and while we can’t update our prayer card that often, we do need a new one now that we have one more person in our family. However, trying to get a picture of 4 people all in non-clashing outfits, all looking at the camera, & all looking decent (forget smiling at this point) is close to impossible. We had 3 rounds of photo shoots before we finally just buckled down & chose a picture, but let me tell you, we ended up with lots of “no’s”!

“Ezra, you don’t have to wave at the photographer, even if they are talking to you.”

Apparently, there is something really interesting over to my left as well as on Ezra’s knee!

I guess right before nap time isn’t a great time to try & get a family picture!

So, which one did we choose? Well, it still isn’t perfect, but at least everyone is looking in the general direction of the camera & not looking too dazed!

If you want one of our new prayer cards (which we still have to order), let me know (& if you think I might not have your address & won’t see you at Forcey or JBC please get me your address)!


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  1. thanks for the laughs! love the final product 🙂

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