I’m Bowling!!

Last Sunday we were invited to go bowling with some of Micah’s friends. They were gracious enough to invite our children as well even though these friends are all still in the ‘newly-married sans children stage’. Thankfully, Ezra had a blast & did quite well for about an hour & 45 minutes of the whole 2 hours of bowling!

I should say that one of Ezra’s favorite televistion shows at the moment is called “Caillou” & is about a little 4-year old boy. In one episode Caillou goes bowling, so Ezra had some frame of reference for what we were doing.

Looking so stylish & cute in his little bowling shoes (yes, we brought along the ipod so he could watch a movie in between his turns. We wanted to be able to bowl as well!)

The bowling alley had these neat contraptions that you could put at the beginning of the lane. Then you just put the bowling ball on it & let your little kid push the ball down the ramp. If you aimed the contraption in the right direction you could, in theory, knock down some pins!

Ezra LOVED bowling! As soon as his ball hit down some pins (& even if it went into the gutter) he would start jumping up & down and give Micah “high-fives”. The first few times he took a turn he also shouted, “I’m bowling!”. It was pretty exciting for him to live out something that he had seen Caillou do on T.V. (& I was thankful that it wasn’t a completely foreign concept).

Thanks to Micah’s friends for a fun afternoon, for providing a new experience for our son, & for cheering Ezra on even when his ball ended up in the gutter!


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