Since moving into our apartment there have been a few projects that I wanted to do to make our place feel more like a home. Given that I have a busy two-year old & an infant who thinks she needs to eat every 2 hours, I haven’t been able to accomplish as much as I would have liked, but I have managed to get a few things done! Most of these things were inspired by time spent on pintrest (a website with an unending amount of ideas).

Ezra’s new bed wasn’t going to take up as much wall space as the transitional bed did so I wanted to be sure & fill a little of the space. This is what is hanging over his bed:

Just a cute wall hanging, but he is getting into his letters now, so this will be lots of fun as he starts to recognize the different letters!

These are the verses that made me settle on Ezra’s name in the first place. Plus, this is my prayer for him & I want to remember to pray it over him on a regular basis. I figured if I had the verses over his bed it would be pretty hard to forget!

This is the verse I have chosen to pray over Audrey. We still have to finish up her space so this isn’t on her wall just yet.


This is a MOPS project! I brought it home to finish it so I could use my cricut (it’s a machine that cuts out shapes & letters) to make the title (our last name is also on there under the blur)! I think it turned out really nice! Thanks, Grace, for coming up with such a fun craft!

This next project was a bigger undertaking & took quite a bit of time, but I am so thankful that it got done. I owe a huge thanks to my mom-in-law, because I would not have even known where to begin!

When we were set to move into our apartment one of the items we needed was a dining room table & chairs. I found a great deal on Craigslist: $30 for a table & 4 chairs. The only problem: the covers on the chairs had seen better days!

They were a vinyl that probably used to be cream, but had become rather dirty with use. Plus, someone had obviously used them to paint something red.

I headed out to Joanns & found an outdoor canvas fabric that I loved and it just happened to be on sale! (I love it when that happens!) My mom-in-law came over & I helped (okay, mostly just observed) her recover the chairs.

And the final result is one that I am really happy about! They are bright & cheery and add a bit of color to an otherwise bland room!



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5 responses to “Crafty

  1. chrissy

    Great job Heather! You may think that you have not made a lot of progress, but your little touches are SO special to your home and your family. Great ideas!

  2. Fantastic!! I’m a bit jealous…my walls are quite bare ๐Ÿ˜› And I LOVE how the chairs turned out! I love refashioning things…reupholstering is on my list of things I want to learn ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Wow! You put me to shame in the crafting department even with all you have going on! LOVE all of them–the verses and family rules are so special! What a heritage you’re passing on! Can’t wait to see you all and hold our miracle baby this summer! Love you.

  4. I love your chairs. Great work!!

  5. Tena Hilton

    I love it all! You inspire me!

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