Just life

Snuggling with brother’s blankie & her giraffe

Getting to be a big boy!

Peaceful sleeping baby (actually, she was sick with RSV here & could barely breathe due to all the congestion!)

So proud of his ball-balancing skills!


Look at that smile!!!

Sleeping is such hard work!


My mom saved a few outfits from when I was a baby & now Audrey is going to get to wear them. This is one of them!

Can’t resist another picture of Audrey’s smile!

There is nothing cuter than a baby in a diaper!

Unless it is a baby professing its’ love for its’ mommy!

(This shirt is special to me, because when my Grandma Hilton found out I was pregnant the first time around (with Ezra), she sent me this shirt. Of course, being as Ezra was a boy he never wore it. As many of you know, my Grandma passed away this past summer without knowing Audrey’s gender, but I had brought this shirt back with me in case I had a girl. I love that in some way my Grandma gave a gift to Audrey.)


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