The airport & a new passport

This past Sunday was a beautiful day & after being stuck in the house for a week with sickness we really needed to get out, so we headed off to the airport. The baltimore airport has a great observation deck!

Ezra loves airplanes! He often hears them, finds them overhead, & then points them out to us!


Getting ready to drive the luggage cart


They have a play airplane where you can pretend you are a passenger…


…or a pilot!


They also have pieces of real airplanes in there, like this piece from a tail (in case you were wondering about the bright colors, it is painted like the Maryland state flag.)


They also had this cross-section of an airplane. Like Micah said, Makes you realize that you are flying in a metal tube”!


Audrey went too, but she didn’t seem all that impressed by the airplanes.


Having fun in the airport! (I’m thankful that my son loves airports & airplanes so much, because he is going to be spending a substantial amount of time in them this summer)


Yesterday, was a day of paperwork. It started with a trip to Baltimore to get Audrey’s birth certificate. I had to have that so that I could go to the local Post Office yesterday afternoon to apply for her first passport.  I think Audrey’s passport picture is perfect! Super cute & yet, still very much a passport photo!

It still cracks me up that my kids will have their infant-picture passports until they are 5 years old!!!



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2 responses to “The airport & a new passport

  1. Sarah

    Cannot believe they have them for 5 years, they change so much in a year let alone 5. So glad you guys are getting healthy!!!

  2. Marjorie Wahlsten

    Not all airports are so kid friendly. What a great idea.

    Can just imagine someone trying to figure out if it’s really Audrey when she’s 2 or 3 or 4 or even 1 based on that photo.

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