Please pray for Audrey. She has RSV (Respiratory Synctial Virus). This is, as the Pediatrician put it, the world’s worst cold. It can affect both the head & the chest. The dr. said that with RSV you get worse for a week before you start to get better (which can also take a week). Audrey has been sick only since Monday so we have quite a ways to go before she will begin to get better. Some kids with RSV end up in the hospital. Please pray we can avoid the hospital! Pray that she continues to eat well, have wet diapers, & be able to breathe well enough on her own. Pray too for peace for me as her mommy as it is somewhat unnerving to be sent home knowing that your little girl is just going to get worse before she can get better. Pray too for wisdom to know what to do to help her as well as if & when we should go back to the doctors’ office.



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2 responses to “RSV

  1. Renee

    I am sorry you are experiencing the overwhelming feelings of helplessness that all mom’s experience, how can I make it better for this little one? We are sick of being sick. Both girls were tested for RSV as they both have been in the ER with the bronchitis type bug. They are doing better now. Please know we are praying for Audrey and will continue. Her heavenly Father has plans for Audrey and has brought her through so much to get to this day. He will continue His faithfulness and will keep watch and care over her. We love you and are here in any way we can be of help for you all. Reach out to us when you need anything. Take care of yourself and get rest if possible! Much love!

  2. I am sending all thoughts of love and well being your way. Audrey has been such a blessing for you and she shall continue to be one. Have faith that she will be ok. Remember that you said yourself that you were sent to the states at this particular time so she would be born here and have the excellent help available for her. Keep the faith and let everyone know how she is progressing

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