Visitors from the West

We had a short, but fun-filled visit from my parents in the beginning of January. They arrived Wednesday night & left Sunday evening, but we packed those days full!


The first day we had a field trip arranged by my dad to go see big equipment. The place was out toward the Eastern shore, which meant a bit of a drive, but it was beautiful!

I didn’t take this picture & we weren’t actually down at the water level, but we did cross these bridges & it was a beautiful sunny day!


Our first stop was the machine yard. There were tractors, backhoes, dozers, & other big things. Ezra was pretty excited about all of them! He walked up & down the row saying what each thing was.

After lunch in downtown Denton, we headed out to the field.

The boss had told his employees we were coming & so they waited to do their last drainage line until we got there. I’m not sure who had more fun: Ezra or his Grandpa!



By the time we had done all this it was WAY past naptime. We hadn’t even made it back to the paved road before Ezra was out!


Audrey came along on the trip as well. She seemed a lot less impressed by the whole thing & mostly spent the time eating & sleeping.


It was nice to have a couple extra sets of arms for holding the baby.

Grandpa & Audrey


Baba & Audrey


We went to visit some horses. They were quite close to the fence & seemed really friendly.


On the Friday evening, my MOPS group had a baby shower for Audrey & I. It was fun to have both of Audrey’s grandmothers there!

Emme wanted to be sure that Audrey saw her cake!

We got lots of cute pink clothes! Once again I felt very blessed by this community!


On Saturday we had another outing. This time it was to the National Cathedral. To Micah & I, it almost felt like we were back in Europe.

Ezra loved playing in the colored light on the floor from the sun streaming through the stained glass.


We also had a mini-christmas as my parents brought gifts from one of my brothers & the boxes arrived from the other around the same time.

Reading the Lightning McQueen book from Uncle Noah & Auntie Tena


Playing with his Dinosaur Train (it’s a show on PBS) flashlight that makes dinosaur pictures!


It was a short time with my parents, but they will be back in March & are bringing everyone with them, so we are already looking forward to that!


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  1. Glad your parents could come out! Audrey’s baby shower outfit is SO adorable!

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