On Friday, January 6th we had another appointment with the Pediatric Pulmonary doctor. Once again, he downloaded the information from Audrey’s monitor & looked over the results. He decided that even though the monitor had gone off some, none of the alarms were real & Audrey could be off the monitor! He said that she was “graduated” & was a “normal newborn”. He also told me that she was at no more risk for breathing problems down the road or SIDs because of her prematurity! We are so thankful for that! We are also thankful to not have to lug the monitor around all while being careful of the leads on Audrey. Mostly we are excited to just have a normal baby now!



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3 responses to “Graduated!

  1. Leigh

    So glad to hear this good news. I bet you guys can really breath easier now. 😍

  2. Marjorie Wahlsten

    What a huge milestone. Hooray!!

  3. Praise God! What a blessing in faith and answered prayer, Audrey is to all of us!

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