Looking back at 2011

What a crazy year this has been for us! We started the year in Germany & are ending it in Maryland. When the year began we knew we were leaving BFA, spending a year in the states, & then hoping to go back to the field somewhere, but we really had no idea where that might be. We were a family of 3 hoping that God would allow us to be a family of 4 at some point. There were so many questions and not a lot of answers.

We had quite a few challenges in 2011:

-Packing up 8 years of our life & saying good-bye to our life in Germany & all our friends

-Finding a job for Micah for the year in the states

-Finding affordable housing

-My pregnancy that ended up not being so simple


However, we had just as many answers to our prayers, if not more:

-Being accepted by ECA for a future position.

-Finding out we were moving to Spain in April, which allowed us to leave our belongings in Europe rather than transport them to the states for the year (thus saving us tons of $$$).

-Finding out God was going to bless our family with another child.

-God providing a job for Micah (that just ‘happened’ to have good insurance).

-God leading us to an ‘affordable-for-here’ apartment for the 7 months that we needed it.

We also had a lot of miracles this year:

-God’s timing in allowing the problems with my pregnancy to happen once we were in Maryland rather than in Germany or in some random state while we were on our road trip!

-95% of women who have their water break deliver within the first week, I made it 7 1/2 weeks!

-Even though I was ruptured the fluid level remained in a normal range for a long time allowing Audrey’s lungs to develop.

-God allowing the cord to prolapse, which led to a c-section, which meant I didn’t have to have an emergency hysterectomy on top of a regular delivery!

-Audrey being as healthy as she was in spite of being 7 weeks early!

-Audrey’s quick progress through all the steps that had to be taken to be discharged from the NICU!

-The fact that Audrey is gaining weight and for all intents & purposes is a completely normal, healthy baby (she’s just a little small for her age)!

When we look back over this year we can see God at work in so many ways that it is mind-boggling.

Thank you to all of you who prayed for us & with us during this year of questions, transitions, & struggles. We are so thankful for God’s provision & for His blessing us with each of you!


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  1. Such a different year than you might have expected, but yes, full of blessings and answers to prayer! Very neat!!!

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