Our (not so) little girl!

We had a doctor’s appointment on Tuesday and Audrey is now weighing a whopping 7 pounds 12 ounces! She gained 7 ounces in 6 days (the recommended is 1 ounce per day) all while  nursing exclusively! This really impressed the pediatrician. She said that it is extremely rare for preemies to be able to nurse exclusively without at least a little bit of bottle supplement. The pediatrician says that we can now treat Audrey like a normal newborn (not that we’ve been treating her much differently).

I know not to throw stats around about eating & sleeping (because as soon as you do, they must read it & revert back), but so far Audrey is eating better & sleeping better than Ezra ever did! I am so thankful for this, because it is all I can do right now to juggle a very active 2-year old & a baby!



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2 responses to “Our (not so) little girl!

  1. Good job Audrey (and mommy!!)

  2. Yay! So happy to hear this-our God is good!

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