Happy Birthday, Micah!

Micah watching a movie with his son & his niece while wearing his b-day tie!


On December 16th, Micah turned 30! That means that both of us are now the same age again. Micah is 2 months younger than me & loves to remind me that I am ‘older’ than him all year long, but especially for those 2 months before he catches up with me.

It has been interesting leaving our 20’s behind. When you are “in your 20’s” you still sound young, but once you are “in your 30’s” it sounds like you should be more established in life & responsible, an adult (not that we haven’t already been doing this, but now it sounds like we really should be living like this). The 20’s have been really good for both Micah & I. We’ve accomplished a lot of things and had some really amazing experiences in the past 10 years (When we turned 20 we were both Juniors in college. Micah at Univ. of MD & I at Trinity Western University):

-We both finished our last 2 years of college & graduated.

-We both moved to Germany to work at Black Forest Academy.

-We met, started dating, & got engaged.

-We got married.

-We did lots of traveling.

-Micah became the Vice Principal of BFA.

-We had our first child.

-Micah got accepted as the director of ECA.

-We had our second child.


We had so many note-worthy milestones that happened in our 20’s that it is hard to imagine what can happen in our 30’s to top those, but I suppose there are some exciting ones ahead:

-Spending the rest of this year in the states

-Moving to Spain

-Micah stepping into the director role at ECA

-Having our children start school

It is exciting to think about all that God has in store for us in the next 10 years of our lives (although I do NOT want to think about turning 40 yet!)!


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