Date Night

On December 15th my husband took me out on a really fun date! It started with a new experience for me: riding the metro alone! Since Micah works downtown it made more sense for me to meet him down there rather than end up with two vehicles in D.C. My first solo metro trip went just fine!

First, we went to the Washington’s Ballet’s performance of “The Nutcracker” in the Warner Theater. It was a beautiful theater & a really fun production. They had modified the ballet a little to make it “American”. The nutcracker was a George Washington nutcracker & the Russian or Kazakh dance became frontiersmen. It was really  fun! I hadn’t seen the Nutcracker since I was a little girl & I enjoyed the experience immensely!

After the ballet we went across the street to a fun restaurant called Chef Geoff’s for dessert. It was SO good!

Next we walked over to the National Mall to see the National Christmas tree. (You can see the Washington Memorial in the background)


Around the National tree they also have a tree with decorations from each state. This is the tree for Oregon.


Thanks for a fun evening, Micah! It was fun to experience D.C. at Christmas!


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