Going Home

Since Micah was working, I had to meet him at the hospital on the evening we brought Audrey home. After only 10 days in the NICU, we were discharged! It felt like a long time to us, but we also know that there are plenty of babies who have to stay a lot longer.

Audrey in her car seat ready to head home, but obviously not happy about it at the moment (the blanket was made for Ezra by Ezra & Audrey’s Oma in Germany, but I thought it was appropriate that Audrey use it on her homecoming). Thankfully, she quieted down & eventually fell asleep once she was in the car!


When we walked in the door, Micah was carrying the car seat & Ezra was at the top of the stairs. Without turning the carseat around Micah asked, “Who’s in here, Ezra?” & he said, “BABY AUDREY!!!” He was even more impressed when he saw that Audrey had brought him an elmo for a present.

Meeting Baby Audrey for the first time


Holding his baby sister!


Ezra has been quite concerned about Audrey when she makes noise. When she cries he says, “Baby sad.” He pats her head & gives her hugs. He gets her pacifier for her as well as her blanket, her stuffed animals, & extra clothes (mom’s lap sometimes gets a bit full when she is trying to feed the baby!) He also pokes her in the face & yells, “Wake up, baby, wake up!” when she is napping. I guess we have to be thankful for the good things at this point & realize that we will have a few things to work on!

Audrey had an appointment with the pediatrician today & did so well! She weighs 4 pounds, 12 ounces (back to her birth weight plus 3 ounces) and is now 17 inches long. The pediatrician felt that while she is still a bit jaundiced, it is a mild case & as long as she continues to eat well & fill her diapers it should go away fairly soon. We have a nurse from the hospital coming to check on Audrey tomorrow & next week, another check-up with the pediatrician next week, & an appointment with some specialist in 10 days that will check on how Audrey is doing with the monitor. This poor little girl has had more poking, more prodding, more blood draws, & more doctors appointments than any person her age should have to go through (especially considering that she isn’t even supposed to be here yet), but we are just thankful that so far everything has been so positive! God is truly to be praised!



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10 responses to “Going Home

  1. Stefanie

    Yay for going home already!!! Love seeing Ezra holding Audrey – so sweet! Praying for a smooth transition and for wisdom as you raise two kids!

  2. Oh, this makes me so happy! I’m so thrilled for you, mama! 🙂 Will continue to pray for Audrey and the rest of you. 🙂 *hugs*

  3. chrissy

    Welcome Home baby Audrey!! We are praying for continued good health for you! and Congratulations big brother Ezra! (btw. Jonathan poked Joshua’s face too and yelled “wake up baby”…. actually he still does, ha ha) I love that he is compassionate to bring you the pacifier and be sad when she cries. So cute. lots of love from the Bryan’s!

  4. Kim Allan

    Yay! So glad you got to take her home so soon!! Congratulations! How are you feeling now? Glad to be home and out of bed? We continue to pray for you guys! Love you all! Kim

  5. Renee

    So good to hear all is going well. Lots going on and this will be a year full of memories. You finally have your family together now and you all look precious. Time will now seem to fly by. We love you all and continue to pray for God’s strong arms to surround you. Love to all!

  6. Kari

    Praise the Lord for all He has done for you, and how He has, and is, carrying you through this. The picture of Ezra holding Audrey is precious. Continuing to pray for you in this year of many transitions!

  7. Laura McGlothlin

    Loved the update; so glad you’re all home together as a family!

  8. Catherine

    Praise God! We are so glad Audrey is home. We continue to pray for your family.

  9. Precious…and I can JUST see Ezra poking her and yelling at her to wake up! It makes me smile…we miss that big guy so much here! And sure wish we could hold little Audrey. She is absolutely adorable! Keep posting those pics on FB and keeping us updated. Praise God for a healthy little girl! Love to you all from all of us, Michelle (for the 5 of us) ;o)

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