NICU day #8

I called the NICU this morning & was told that Audrey would not be coming home today as her bilirubin level was back up & she was back on the bilirubin blanket. Please pray that the blanket will be really effective & that she will eat & nurse well so that her bilirubin level will be back down & we can bring our sweet girl home!

Edited in the P.M.: Audrey ate really well today, so that is encouraging. Her bilirubin level will be tested tomorrow morning & Thursday morning, so we are now looking at Thursday as the earliest possible discharge date. Micah & I have now had our infant CPR class and have been trained in how to use a monitor (that will alarm if Audrey’s heart rate goes too high or too low or if she stops breathing). This means that we are now to the point that once Audrey gets the “okay” from the doctor, Micah & I have completed all the necessary training we need to be able to bring her home. Keep praying for her bilirubin levels!

And on a separate note, please pray for wisdom for us as we look for housing. We are so thankful for Micah’s parents allowing us to stay in their house all these weeks, but it is just about time for us to be ‘real people’ again in our own place.



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3 responses to “NICU day #8

  1. Leigh

    Praying for Audrey. And totally hear you on becoming ‘real people’ again!

  2. viane Urich

    God is good!

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