NICU Day #2

Audrey continues to do quite well! Before she was even 24 hours old she had already graduated from the nose canula to room air! This means she is breathing entirely on her own. She even practiced nursing last night for about 45 minutes. She doesn’t need to nurse just yet as she is getting her nourishment from me through a feeding tube. She has a bit of jaundice so she is now lying on a biliruben blanket. It is a plastic-y mat thing that lights up. While she is in her bed, she wears this awesome headgear, but we did get to hold her today without it. Because she had to stay on the mat, we couldn’t do the skin-to-skin holding (called Kangaroo care), which she loves! Today she just slept through us holding her, but it was still fun seeing her little face! Keep praying for Audrey to do well in the NICU – so far everything has been very positive.

Wearing her cool headgear

Holding my little glow worm

A slightly blurry close-up of her face (hard to get a good picture without a flash)

In regards to mommy, I had a bit of a rough day. The epidural wore off last night & I started in on oral medicine. However, I think I had a bit too much on an empty stomach & ended up spending most of the day feeling nauseous, light-headed, & dizzy. I spent the bulk of the day sleeping and am hoping that getting some more rest tonight will help. Keep praying for a smooth recovery for me, please!



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3 responses to “NICU Day #2

  1. Kimberley

    So happy to hear she’s doing so well. I’ll keep you in my thoughts and prayers. Really happy for you!

  2. Kari

    Glow-worm she is! šŸ™‚ But oh so precious!

  3. Julianna

    Congratulations and welcome to Audrey! What an amazing, gracious miracle from God. We are praying for much joy and patience and health for all of you during this important first weeks. And when does Ezra get to see her?

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