Audrey Elizabeth

Our little girl arrived at 8:10 on November 7, 2011 via c-section. She was 7 weeks early and weighed in at 4 lb. 8.8 oz. We got to see her & Micah got to hold her briefly before she headed off to NICU. I saw her briefly & got to touch her while en route to my postpartum room. Audrey is doing as well as can be expected. She was breathing quite fast last night, so they had her on a cpap (something that forces a little bit of air into her nose), but when the NICU doctor visited me around 11:30 this morning they had moved her to a nose canula (just a bit of extra oxygen available if she needs it). This means she is breathing primarily room air on her own!. When I saw her last night, she was curled up on her belly sleeping away. This morning when Micah went to vist her, she was on her back & being quite “feisty”: crying & kicking her feet, although she did settle down when Micah held her hand & stroked her cheek.

I won’t lie, the c-section was not kind to me & it is taking (& will take) some time to recover. I’m told all the epidural will wear off after 24 hours, so I’m kind of dreading that. However, God once again showed that He is in control – it’s kind of medical, so I’ll post it at the bottom after the pictures. My goal today is to regain enough strength so I can take a wheelchair ride down to the NICU & finally hold my daughter!


She’s here! 

Fun fact: Audrey was delivered by the same doctor that delivered my niece. With 6 doctors in the group, there was no guarantee of this happening!

Weighing in! You’ll notice that her foot & toes look a little ‘off’ – this is from not having enough fluid around them. They are saying that a little physical therapy while she is in the NICU should take care of it. Let’s pray they are right!

Mom & baby

Dad & baby with her eyes peeking open

First picture with mommy & daddy

All hooked up in her isolette this morning

Holding onto Daddy’s hand

Medical version: We left my room for our c-section at 7:40. It took a bit to do all the prep work, but once they started the actual process the time between the first incision & Audrey being born was quite short. It was a pretty emotional moment when they pulled her out & announced she was a girl! I think the fact that she had stayed in so long & the relieft that she was finally here after being so scared I was going to lose her all combined in that moment! She started crying almost immediately. It wasn’t a full-term baby’s robust cry, but she was definitely letting us know that she was not happy about life at the moment! She scored 8 & 9 (out of 10, which I’m told are never given) on her APGAR. As we were listening to her cry, I noticed that my doctor was calling for another doctor. I figured that since there were already 9 people in the operating room at the time (including 2 doctors), this was not a good sign. It turns out that my placenta had eroded away the wall of my uterus. This meant they couldn’t get the placenta out & even if they could have my uterus was ruined. So, instead of simply getting stitched back up, I ended up having a hysterectomy instead. It is a little emotional for me realizing that we are done having children. However, we had talked about the possibility of only having two kids & so I had gone into this pregnancy with that mindset, but this was much more final & happened much quicker than we anticipated.

That being said, God allowed so many miracles. If that cord hadn’t shown up on the sonogram & I had gone ahead with a normal delivery, I would have had to be rushed into emergency surgery for a hysterectomy (& I’ve heard that recovering from a c-section after laboring & delivering is much tougher). The surgery went really smoothly given the fact that they weren’t prepared for it (the doctors were all quite impressed with how well it went). Also, the fact that Audrey stayed put for as long as she did, continued to have really healthy results when she was being monitored, & came out as healthy as she did given the state of her ‘home’ the past few months. Not to mention that I stayed as healthy as I did! God obviously has big plans for this little girl & we are excited to see what they are!



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8 responses to “Audrey Elizabeth

  1. Hi Heather! I am a friend of Joel and Lauren’s, and my family goes to Forcey. I just saw your blog from Lauren’s and I read your story and I just wanted to say congratulations! Audrey is beautiful and God surely has amazing plans for her already miraculous little life. You are such a brave mama! I will be praying for you guys, that you heal quickly and Audrey can come home soon! Blessings, Taylor Smith

  2. Oh, Heather. I’m in tears right now over how sovereign God is in your situation. Audrey is doing well, you made it, and your family was blessed with a little girl! So happy for you, friend, amidst the unexpected twists and turns of the past several months.

    I will continue to pray that God grants you peace over the sudden medical decisions that were made, that He strengthens little Audrey and allows the P/T to heal her foot, and that all of you will be back to full health ASAP. *hugs*

  3. Heather, as always I am so thankful for your willingness to give glory to God! Audrey is so beautiful and I know that she is going to do great things! Bronson also scored 8 & 9 weighing just over 2 pounds. They C-PAP story sounds familiar too. I was so glad to hear that she is already on nasal prongs. She is going to be home before you know it. I will keep praying on my end and please know that you and your baby girl have lots of prayers being sent to our wonderful Lord above.

  4. Catherine

    Heather, we are rejoicing with you on the birth of Audrey Elizabeth. Our prayers have been with you, Micah and Ezra and will continue to be with you as you recover.
    I am so grateful that we have a loving God who holds each of us in his hands. We are rejoicing that God has held you and Audrey in his hand these weeks. God’s grace and peace to you Heather.
    Love from the Loves!

  5. chrissy

    Oh Heather, thank you for sharing your journey. My eyes are watering a bit too. You have been so strong through this process and God will continue to keep you and Audrey in His arms through the recovery stage. I love your last statement. I am excited to see what’s in store for Audrey too! Lots of love from the Bryan’s!

  6. Yes, Heather, we are praising God with you! I am crying now, too, but so happy that you have a beautiful little baby girl! So sorry to hear all that you’ve had to go through, but God is good and He knows exactly what you can handle. You’ve got two special children and I’m SURE God has big plans for both of them (Ezra’s going to run a company or a country someday, with his head-strong spirit, I’m sure! I can’t wait to hear how Audrey’s personality develops! ;o).
    We love you all and can’t wait to meet your little princess someday! Keep posting those pictures, resting a LOT, and avoiding ab workouts for a LONG TIME!
    Love from all of the Tebbes

  7. Kim Allan

    Heather, We are so thankful that your surgery went well and Audrey was born! I’m sorry for your unexpected complications and hysterectomy, but that is neat how you can see God even in all of that! It’s been great keeping up with you and hearing your story, I look forward to hearing how Audrey is doing! I’m sure you will be glad to recover and be back on your feet too! Love you and praying for your family! Love ,Kim

  8. Renee

    Praising God for His faithfulness. It is such a blessing to know God was knitting a beautiful daughter in your womb and kept all in tact until the proper time. He does have a special plan for Audrey and she is blessed to have you and Micah as her parents and Ezra as her brother! We are rejoicing with you all.

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