I’m having this baby today!

I had no sooner finished my last post when the dr. walked in & said I was having my baby today! After the specialist looked over the sono results he was concerned about the lack of fluid & felt that it wasn’t doing the baby any good to remain inside. He had some concern about a cord being below the baby’s head so I was sent back over for another look. Sure enough. This means I’ll be having a c-section sometime tonight around 9:00.

Please pray for a safe delivery & a quick recovery time for me. Pray for Twosie to be a healthy preemie who thrives in the NICU!


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  1. Heather as you have continued to defy all odds and keep that baby in for much longer than originally anticipated so will Twosie. We are praying that he/she makes it into the world healthy and ready to fight. I pray for your strength as you will now also earn the title of NICU mommy. Feel free to email or call me anytime you need to vent. I will PM you my number. Prayers and hugs

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