33 weeks!

Sorry for the lag between posts. As they say, “No news is good news”.  Really there just hasn’t been too much to report. I’ve had 2 sonograms since I last wrote, each time my fluid was a little less: 5 last Friday & 4.3 this Tuesday. The level on Tuesday means I now have Oligohydramnios (although everyone just calls is Oligo). Basically, that is just a fancy word for ‘too little fluid’. The doctors don’t seem overly concerned about it, because they have women who sit at a level of 1 for a while (although they are impressed that I haven’t gone into labor). I’ve been consistently going down in my numbers for the past few sono visits, but it would be great to sort of plateau somewhere around here until I give birth, so please pray toward that end.

On Tuesday night, I had a few contractions & so they put me back on the IV (hello again to hospital gowns). They calmed down & I really haven’t had any since. However, it sounds like the IV is here to stay, because of my low fluid levels. Pray that I don’t go crazy having my arm hooked up to the IV, my legs hooked up to my ‘boots’, & having to wear hospital gowns again.

The only other ‘news’ is that my body is done being on bedrest. My hips are aching from lying on them, my back is sore, I have a yeast infection, & I am just generally tired of these same 4 walls. I know I am going to be busy when I get out of here, but right now being busy sounds wonderful! I never realized how much I took for granted, but now I appreciate things like being able to wear your own clothes & showering with two hands!

Praise God for 33 weeks! Let’s ask him for 1 more. At this point, it is honestly hard for me to think about being here much longer than that, so pray for me to have patience regarding God’s perfect timing & will for Twosie’s birth day. Thanks so much, everyone!



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2 responses to “33 weeks!

  1. Still praying, sweetie! Will be praying that God eases your bedrest pain and that you come up with new things to do to make the time go by faster. 🙂 *hugs*

  2. Michelle Tebbe

    I was just thinking about you (my sister-in-law just gave birth to her 8th, a girl named Serenity, last Saturday) and wondering how you are doing. Glad to hear that Little Powers is still hanging in there, but we can’t wait to “meet” that baby! Praying for you all and waiting to hear the news!
    Love you,
    Michelle, for the 5 of us ;o)

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