32 weeks!!

32 weeks


We made it! This is a very big milestone for us! The potential risks to the baby are getting lower & lower and the length of stay in the NICU is decreasing! My doctors are very happy that we’ve made it this far! Now we just need to pray that I can make it to 34 weeks as that will be even better for Twosie.

Here’s where we are in terms of Twosie arriving: In the next two weeks, my body could still realize that I’m ruptured & go into labor mode or because the fluids are lower, Twosie could start to not do so well & would have to be delivered. Please pray that neither of these things happen. If & when I’m 34 weeks they will check to see if I’m inducible. If there are no signs that my body is gearing up for labor then we will continue to wait. They are saying they won’t let me go past 36 weeks (that is Thanksgiving day). I’m hoping that things will work out to allow me to be induced a few days before Thanksgiving that so I could be out of the hospital by then! Most important, though, I’m trying to remind myself that God’s timing & God’s way are best. Thanks for all the prayers – God is answering!



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4 responses to “32 weeks!!

  1. Marjorie Wahlsten

    Hooray and praise God!!

  2. WOOOOO HOOOOOO! 🙂 I’m so happy to hear this. Go God! Will keep praying!

  3. YAYAYYAYAY. This is the best news ever! Can’t wait until 2 more weeks have passed!

  4. Kim Allan

    That is great! Praying for you still! Love you all!

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