Time for pictures!

Even bath time is a good time to play with “Tee-heads”!

Micah’s bank is in the bottom left corner of the building

Micah got to have dinner with a 2011 BFA alumn! 

Having a cousin to play with in the park is SO much fun!

Happy Birthday to me! Not how I anticipated spending my birthday this year, but as people keep pointing out: at least I won’t forget where I was for this birthday! And along with family visiting, I got to have chocolate cake, so all in all a pretty good day! (Technically this was the day before my actual birthday. On my actual day, Micah brought me dinner & I got to have more chocolate cake – two days of chocolate cake in a row when I’m on a strict diet sounds like I did pretty well!)

See the pretty banner that my sis-in-law made for me! It’s still hanging up in my room! I also got beautiful flowers delivered from my parents! 

Saying “Cheese”! Is it just me or do they have the exact same chin? They must be related!

Snuggling with my boy! What you can’t see is the laptop playing Toy Story on my lap! It’s the only way I can get him to snuggle with me  as he is just not a snuggly guy. I’d feel worse about it, but his cousin is apparently quite similar, so it’s not just a “boy thing” or an “Ezra thing”. 

Ezra & his Daddy got to do the whole “pick-out-your-own-pumpkin-at-the-farm” thing. Ezra was pretty excited to go to the farm!

Apparently there were cows, goats, pigs, & chickens at the farm. (Ezra was really excited to tell me about them later & what sound they made)

A trip to the farm isn’t complete without sitting on a tractor!

Ezra & Daddy riding the wagon out to the pumpkins

“Come on, Daddy! What are you waiting for?” 

Ezra & his pumpkin (although the straw seems to be a lot more entertaining at the moment)!


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  1. Gosh, Ezra is still cute as a button, but he sure is growing up fast! Not a “toddler” anymore, but truly becoming a “little boy”! SO PRECIOUS! Love to you all! The Tebbes ;o)

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