Not-so-good news

On Sunday morning, I had a few contractions while I was being monitored, so I was hooked back up to the IV to receive fluids (this means bye-bye to my normal clothes & hello to the annoying, way-too-big hospital gown that causes me no end of frustration). I also noticed that I seemed to be leaking a bit more fluid than normal. The rest of Sunday went well enough (no more contractions), but Monday morning I had a few more contractions & continued to leak more fluid. Today’s sonogram confirmed that I am indeed losing more fluid than I was before as I’m now down to 8 (normal range is 8 – 25) instead of in the teens like I was before. I talked with my doctor this morning & said that I just feel ‘different’ (it definitely feels like there is less ‘padding’ between Twosie & I). She said that this might be my week to deliver & ordered another NICU consult. I know that 30 weeks is infinitely better than where we were a month ago, but I really, REALLY would like to reach 32 weeks, if possible. Please pray that God will give us 10 more days! He’s done it before so there is no reason He can’t do it again!



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6 responses to “Not-so-good news

  1. lisa merrill

    Heather, we’ll be praying for that extra 10 days. But we’re so glad to hear that you’re at 30 weeks! Praise the Lord, what an answer to prayer!

  2. Melody

    hi heather! i will be praying for you and your baby! take care.

  3. viane Urich

    we pray for you, Praise each day for what He is doing !
    I was dreaming , Mica was crossing the street here and say …Baby is coming…..and I say that I will bring food in a few minutes…
    Praying for you !

  4. chrissy

    I am praying for you Heather! You are in God’s Hands!

  5. Continuing to lift you and Twosie up in prayer! *hugs*

  6. Julianna

    definitely praying for you guys, and for this new baby. Thanks for keeping us posted.

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