30 weeks

30 weeks

We made it to 30 weeks! Not the biggest milestone out there, but really, every week is a milestone for us! My doctor did tell me that most NICU nurses use 30 weeks as a benchmark when asking about a baby (is he above or below 30 weeks?). And a lady from church who works in the NICU here told me that with a 30-weeker, you are almost definitely going to be celebrating a first birthday. That all sounds good to me!

Yesterday, my sonogram wasn’t as good as normal. For some reason, Twosie was being incredibly still. Finally towards the end he/she started to move a little more, but they never saw Twosie take any practice breaths (yes, babies in utero start practicing their breathing even though there is no air in there). The doctor ordered blood work to make sure I wasn’t starting to get an infection, but that came back normal. I had my normal blood draw today & that came back normal as well. I also had to go for another sonogram today & this time Twosie was moving a ton & taking lots of practice breaths, so they were happy. My fluid level was normal both times. I had a couple small contractions this morning while I was being monitored, but haven’t really felt anything since (a few contractions every now & then are completely normal in any pregnancy).

Thank you for your prayers! I know they are what has kept me & Twosie here as long as we have. We are thankful that so far there has been no infection & only a couple tiny contractions. We are also thankful that the fluid level has remained in the normal range & that Twosie appears to be growing just as he/she should. Please continue to pray that these things will continue. As tired as I am of lying in this bed in this room, I would still love to get to 34 or 36 weeks for Twosie’s sake. Thanks!


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