Another Monday, another sonogram

Just to forewarn you, this post has a little more medical information than normal. I’ll go ahead & post a g-rated version before I post a more medical version for those of you who don’t want all the details!

First of all, my new diabetic diet appears to be keeping my blood sugars to a normal level! As long as that continues I won’t have to get insulin shots. This makes me very happy!

I went for my normal Monday sonogram & Twosie looks good as usual. My fluid level was 14.6 (or something close to that), which is still in the normal range so that is exciting!

G-rated version: They decided to do a more thorough exam this time as they were concerned things might be shifting towards labor, but they weren’t! However, that pesky placenta still hasn’t moved as much as we’d like!

More medical version: As they were doing the sonogram, the tech was afraid that my cervix was shortening, so she got in touch with my doctor to find out if she should do an internal exam (they want to avoid this as much as possible to reduce the risk of me getting an infection). They decided they should check things out, but the cervix was still long & closed! Yay! The placenta is still ‘right there’, probably too close to deliver normally at this point. They didn’t actually measure, but apparently it was close enough that “c-section” was still the obvious choice of delivery mentioned by the tech & med student (I know these are not my doctors & it would actually be up to them to make that call, so I’m not writing that one down in stone just yet). So, some not-great news, but overall a really good report!


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