Thanks for all your prayers! I made it through the 3-hour glucose test with out feeling too sick. Unfortunately, I failed the test & am now considered to have gestational diabetes. I will have to change my diet and check my blood sugars 4 times a day (I really am going to feel like a walking pincushion now!). The good news is that 90% of women are able to control gestational diabetes with diet & don’t have to use insulin. Let’s pray that I’m in that 90%!



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6 responses to “Fail

  1. I’ll be praying for this! I’m thanking God that He has brought you and Twosie this far and hope (and pray, of course) that it continues! 🙂

  2. viane

    it is not easy, but will be ok….trust in God …He is good…see you soon “miracle” created by God before being born
    love & praying

  3. Renee WIlloughby

    Oh rats! Ok, so you have done this before and know the routine. We will be praying for you. The sonogram was really cool. A sneak peek at twosie! Drop me a note when you need some company or lunch or whatever!

  4. Good gosh! Not like you’re needing something else to deal with. But at least it’s manageable…. and you have a good attitude about it! I wish I could bring you some peanut butter pie after this pregnancy is over! Or maybe some of Amy’s ice cream. =) You will have earned it! =)

  5. Ellen Yager

    Don’t worry, sweetheart. You will be able to control it, by God’s grace. He will see you through! He has your back . . . always! You are having to work hard for this baby, but the blessings that will come through the graces God will give you will far outweigh the hardships you are facing now. God bless you, and your family. Ellen Yager, long time friend of Elin Hayes

  6. Sue McIntosh

    This too shall pass and then you’ll have a beautiful baby in your arms and you’ll forget all about those sticks! Thank God Twosie is still in there getting bigger!! Praise God!

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