28 weeks!

28 weeks!!!

Not a super clear image (I had to use the webcam), but here is a 3-D picture of part of Twosie’s face! I think that he/she looks like Ezra did when he was a baby!

We made it to 28 weeks! It’s funny, I’ve found that in a hospital one person tells you one things & another person tells you something else. I asked my doctor what the big deal with 28 weeks was & he said that the 85-95% I was quoted before IS the survival rate. The bigger deal is that it is the dividing point of a 50/50 chance of having no long-term effects of being a preemie. Prior to 28 weeks the baby is in the bottom part of the 50/50 with each day out from 28 weeks putting you further away from the mid-point. Now each day that Twosie stays in & stays healthy is putting us further away from the mid-point in the good direction. Please continue to pray that Twosie will be able to stay put for a while longer & continue to grow & develop! The next big milestone isn’t until 32 weeks, so we have a lot of praying to do to keep him/her in until then!

This same doctor reiterated how lucky I am (really, I know it is how blessed I am) that I am doing as well as I am. He said that women who do well in the first couple weeks will tend to continue to do well in the remaining weeks. Let’s pray that is the case with me!

I had my bi-weekly sono today & the sonographer asked, “So, the doctors have figured out for sure that you are ruptured?” I think she didn’t actually believe I’m ruptured, because once again the fluid level was normal (14 with 8 – 25 being a normal range). Please continue to pray that the fluid level stays normal as that will be better for Twosie!

I failed my glucose test this morning, which means I have to take a 3-hour test tomorrow. This is not fun, because it means that someone will come to draw blood at 4:30 A.M., I will drink the nasty drink at 5:00 and have blood drawn at 5:00, 6:00, & 7:00. If I don’t pass this test, I will be put onto a restricted diet. Part of me has been expecting this, because I was on a restricted diet with Ezra, however part of me was hoping that maybe enough other things were wrong that I could bypass this one. I mean, I’m already in the hospital on bedrest & now you are going to take ice cream away from me! Pray for me to survive another glucose test (the drink tends to make me not feel so good) & another night of not much sleep (I couldn’t sleep after my vitals were taken at 5 this morning, because I knew the nurse was coming back with the glucose drink at 6).

Another prayer request would just be my sanity. I have good days where time seems to go by fairly well. I keep myself occupied & am in fairly good spirits. However, some days, like Tuesday are just not so good. That day my nurse wouldn’t let me shower so I felt gross, the only shirt I hadn’t worn yet was my least favorite one so I felt dowdy, MOPs (a moms group) was starting that morning & I wasn’t there, fall is coming (or so the calendar says) & all I can experience of it is a small strip of trees outside my window. So, it was just kind of a rough day. I know there are going to be days like this given my situation, but I would appreciate prayers that I would be quick to ask for God’s joy when those days come & patience to ride those days out even if I don’t feel any joy.

Thanks for all your prayers! This whole situation has been one miracle after another & we are so thankful for all the prayer support we have!



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3 responses to “28 weeks!

  1. lisa merrill

    Oh, Heather…thanks so much for sharing. I will continue praying for you and the baby. Praying for your sanity and things to keep you busy during the day. I remember when Michael was in a German hosp. for 4 days…he almost went crazy! 😦 It was a very “stripped” hosp. with nothing to do. Hope you have a TV, but that only helps for so long.

    Praying you onto 32 weeks!! You can do it! You’re right, what a miracle this has been. I’ll pray, too, that more things will happen outside your window. 🙂 Like maybe a freak snowstorm or a rainbow or pretty birds flying by…anything!

    And a big AMEN for 28 weeks!

    Lisa Merrill

  2. lisa merrill

    Forgot to mention, praying about glucose test too (yuck). Hope you get a positive result.

  3. You are so beautiful, mama! 🙂 Twosie is looking nice, too. Just tell him/her that we prefer pictures on the inside right now. 😉 Praying for you!

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