In the minority!

We made it!!! I am now in the 5% category! (Only 5% of women do not deliver within the first week of having their water break or getting a leak as in my case.) I am so thankful that I am still healthy, that Twosie is still healthy, and most of all, that Twosie is still contentedly growing inside me! I know this is a direct result of all the prayers that have been offered on our behalf. I am so thankful that this was God’s plan for us! Please continue to pray that Twosie will remain inside for a while (possibly even to 36 weeks), that we will avoid infection, & that I won’t have any issues that would require an emergency delivery.

Another huge praise! Micah contacted our insurance company (which we started with September 1st – I bet they are loving having us on their policy!) and our coverage is unlimited! No matter how long I stay, no matter if Twosie has to go into NICU, and no matter how long Twosie has to stay in NICU it is all covered! Praise the Lord!



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4 responses to “In the minority!

  1. Wow, Heather! I’ve been following your blog and praying… your heart and body are such a testimony to Jesus’ goodness!

  2. What GREAT news! God is good! 🙂 We’ll keep on praying!

  3. Praise God!!!! I was with Amber last night and she said, “tonight’s the night, your cousin made it!” We are so very grateful for the Lord’s blessings, and the insurance situation is so amazing! Praising Him with you!

  4. Kim Allan

    That is awesome! We keep praying for you and baby! That is amazing it’s all covered too! What a relief! Love you and continue to pray!

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