Home Sweet Home

This bed is where I spend nearly all my time. I’m thankful for the nice big window (which looks out on a parking garage, but from my vantage point all I can see is trees & sky) & plenty of space for Ezra to come visit.

I talked with one of my doctors today & he said that they would allow me to go to 36 weeks if nothing else (infection, contractions, etc.) happened before that point. Just for a point of reference 36 weeks is American Thanksgiving (Nov. 24). That is two months away. If I could hold out until 36 weeks, Twosie would never have to be a NICU baby. I have to admit to being slightly torn. Obviously, I want what is best for Twosie & would love for him/her to not have to spend any time in NICU, but two months is a long time for me to fathom at this point. Pray for me to have peace about spending two more months here & that God would give us that Thanksgiving miracle!

When my nurse was taking me off the monitor this morning, she said that the tracings (the marks made by Twosie’s heartbeat/movements) look more like a 32-weeker than a 26-weeker! Obviously, the steroids helped to mature Twosie’s lungs, so that may be contributing. Also, my mom-in-law said that for babies whose moms have a membrane rupture & don’t deliver immediately, they tend to mature a bit in those first 24-48 hours (maybe it is the rush of adrenaline from the mom or something. I’m sure some medical person could do a better job of explaining all this). Anyways, all that to say, Twosie continues to be very healthy & impresses everyone with his/her heartbeat/movements!

I’m seeing that God may have a reason for me to be here besides just teaching me a lesson (or lets be honest, many lessons). Already, I’m starting to know the different nurses here & they even say that if I’m here for a while I’ll get to know them real well. Pray for me to be an encouragement while I’m here.



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3 responses to “Home Sweet Home

  1. Praying for 36 weeks and very thankful twosie is so healthy!

  2. Ashley

    I’m so thankful that you and Twosie are doing well. I’m sure it is difficult to be facing such a long stay in the hospital, but it is wonderful news that Twosie is so healthy. Please let me know if we can take Ezra to the park or something one day or bring a dinner over.

  3. Thanks for the prayer updates! Praying for you to be able to take one day at a time and look for the mission He has for you each day-not getting overwhelmed by the big picture. Praying for your witness to the nurses, as well! Lots of love!

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