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Nothing too much to report in terms of new news. My doctors stop in each morning & tell me to keep doing what I’m doing. Or in the words of the doctor a couple days ago, “Gestate”. Got it! I’m doing what I can.

I’m being monitored twice a day & still no contractions and Twosie is doing great! He/she is head down (from the sono yesterday), which may or may not be important in the days to come because how Twosie will arrive is anyone’s guess at this point (meaning if I start to have an infection & they want Twosie out fast, I would have a c-section, but if I started having contractions I might be allowed a normal delivery depending on the circumstances). I’m being given antibiotics every 4 hours by IV to keep infection away & also getting “super” antibiotics once a day (so thankful it is only 1x day, because it does not feel so good going in). Supposedly, I’m going to be switched to oral antibiotics soon & then will be taken off them altogether at a certain point. I’m beginning to feel like a human pincushion between the IV & the blood drawings. Thankfully, the IV changes & the blood drawings only happen every 3 days, so I get a couple days ‘off’.

My nurse told me that no one in HRP (High Risk Perinatal) is allowed to go past 34 weeks (that would be Nov. 10 for us). I suppose the short time the baby would stay in NICU isn’t worth keeping mom in the hospital for another month. One of my doctors said they would like to see me get to 32 weeks, which would be Oct. 27th (but again this is dependent on infection, Twosie’s health, my health, etc.). I think it just hit me that as long as Twosie survives delivery (which he/she should, I’m just learning to hold everything very loosely at this point) I will have a NICU baby. The cut-off is 36 weeks. If your baby is born at 35 weeks & 6 days he/she has to go to NICU at least for a short time. So, what we are working for & praying for right now is a shorter time that Twosie will be in NICU. And of course, we need to pray that things go smoothly in there, because while the survival rate is 90%, things can still not go well.

I also learned some interesting facts about the survival rate of infants in the NICU. Obviously, the older the baby the greater the survival rate (although the NICU nurse did tell us that they occasionally get full-term babies that are really sick, so you just never know). A baby without infection does better than a baby with infection. But these two really surprised me: Baby girls do better than baby boys AND black babies do better than white babies!

I can not say thank you enough for all the prayers that are being offered up on our behalf. We do feel God’s presence in this situation. Continue to pray for peace for me as that has been reiterated time & again: the best thing for the baby is ‘no stress’ for me!



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4 responses to “This & that

  1. Kim Allan

    I’ve also heard that the babies getting breast milk in the NICU rather than formula, esp if they get the colostrum too, do MUCH better!

    • micahandheather

      We’re already planning on this & I’ve been asking lots of questions. I’m told there is someone whose whole job is to help Moms with NICU babies with all of this.

  2. Kathy Reichman

    Heather, you and Twosie are in our prayers daily. We know of the wondrous work that God does when prayers are sent His way. We have Jill’s little Isla as living proof. I just tuned in to your blog and am learning some great trivia from your interesting journals.
    Know that you are floating on prayer.
    Kathy (Summers) Reichman

  3. Well, there’s a chance it might be a girl…. but not much of a chance of him/her being black!! haha =) Praying for you and Baby! =)

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