Beating the Odds

48 hours have passed & I have not had a single contraction. (If you didn’t read the previous post, 75% of women deliver within 24 – 48 hours after their water breaks.) I know this is due to all the prayers being offered on my behalf & Twosie’s. I am overwhelmed by the prayer support we have & can honestly say I feel them. It is the only reason I can give for the peace & calm that I feel in the midst of a very scary, very unknown situation. (Not that I haven’t shed some tears, but God has continued to bring peace). Please continue to pray for us to beat the odds! Pray for no contractions. Pray for no infection.

Some praises/interesting tidbits:

-Every day that the baby stays inside of me is 3 days he/she will not have to be in NICU. We’ve nearly knocked a week off already!

-Micah & I visited the NICU last night & it wasn’t nearly as scary of a place as I was afraid it was going to be. It seemed very calm & everyone there seemed very competent. We’re still going to hope that it is weeks until we need to use it (dare we pray that we won’t need it at all?), but if we end up going that route, I have a lot more peace about it than before.

-It might seem like a minor detail, but Micah was off on his weeks & I’m actually 26 weeks (every week is vastly important at this stage, so even the fact that I’m 26 instead of 25 is a huge praise). 26 weeks 3 days to be exact!

-A 26-weeker has a 90% survival rate. The mom in me still worries about that 10%, but those numbers are very encouraging!

Thanks again, prayer warriors! The support of the Christian community is such an encouragement to me right now!



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2 responses to “Beating the Odds

  1. We have a mighty team of NICU mommies that are sending steady prayers up on your behalf. I know from first hand experience that bedrest is not easy, but I also know that those days, weeks, and months make such a difference. God does answer prayers and I have been witness to several miracles. My micro-preemie is now nearly 4 years old and doesn’t have a single indication that he spent his first 60 days of life in the NICU. I am boldly praying for no NICU days, but I also know from your cousin that you have an amazing family and will have lots of back up strength if God desires for you to join the reigns of being a NICU mommy. I know for a fact that it personally added to my testimony and gave me a strong desire to pray for others. I am also extremely encouraged to hear that you are 26 and 3…that makes such a difference. Continuing to pray in Dallas, OR.

  2. Randy and Jan

    Did not realize, Heather. We are praying hard for God’s perfect timing for your new little one and LOTS of peace and confidence for you and Micah. We love you!!!

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