Update on medical stuff

Again, be warned, this post contains medial details. The G-rated version is that things are looking better than they thought on Tuesday & I am being given a tiny bit more freedom in my bed rest (as in I can get myself a quick snack from the kitchen & can attend church as long as all I do is ride in the car, sit in church, & ride home).

The more medical version is that after a 3rd sonogram, the doctors feel that they can classify me as a marginal previa instead of a complete previa as the placenta is lying about 2 mm away from the cervix. This is still close enough to have caused (& likely could cause again under the right circumstances) the bleeding that happened on Monday. This gives me hope, though, because I am pretty sure that based on the description that Dr. Aurnhammer gave me back in Germany I had more of a complete previa at first. I am still on modified bedrest, but like I said earleir I can get myself a bowl of cereal from the kitchen (but not take the time to make a whole meal) or go out of the house as long as I’m not driving & I spend the majority of the time I’m out sitting down. I still can’t clean or lift (so there goes taking care of Ezra) and obviously, I need to not go out a lot & when I am home, I do need to be on the couch or in bed. It’s not great, but it isn’t as bad as I originally though & even knowing that I can get out of the house for brief periods of time occasionally over the next month gives me hope.

Please keep praying for us! Pray for everything to move so that we can get back to a ‘normal’ life as a family! Pray for patience for me (I was starting to feel as if I was ‘done’ yesterday afternoon after only a day & a half). Pray for energy for my in-laws, especially my mom-in-law as she carries the brunt of the workload.


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