The Great American Road Trip, Days 6, 7, & 8

Day 6: Eustis, NE – Omaha, NE (240 miles)

We started our day with my relatives & drove the 1/2 mile up the road to visit more. If I remember correctly, the mom of the fellow in this picture was the sister to my great-grandfather.

We had a wonderful time talking with them. Micah was impressed by all of Gib’s talents, which include playing quite a few different musical instruments & making furniture out of horseshoes!

After dinner (in the midwest that is the meal you eat around noon), we headed for Omaha. We spent the evening with our friends, the Parsons who had just relocated from BFA back in January. It was good to catch up with them & see what transition looks like!

Day 7: Omaha, NE – Winslow, IL (411 miles)

The first order of business was getting out of Omaha & headed across Iowa, which shouldn’t be that hard of a task, but ended up taking roughly an hour due to two different highways being shut down. They didn’t warn us that these highways were under construction until we were already on them! We decided that we didn’t care for Iowa as not only did they not warn us about construction, but they were the only state that didn’t have a “Welcome” sign up on the road!

The sign we were looking for, but never did see on the way in. We even checked on the way out of the state & still couldn’t find one!

Crossing the Mississippi River

Hello, Illinois!

We got to visit our good friend, Julia & her husband, Chad. They live in the middle of the farmlands & it is SO beautiful!!

If we didn’t already have plans for our future, I’m pretty sure I would have started looking at real estate!


Day 8: Winslow, IL – Wheaton, IL (173 miles)

Ezra loved Chad & Julia’s dog, Honey. The feelings weren’t exactly mutual, but she did a good job tolerating him!

Ezra loved the truck! (Although, that isn’t quite what he called it!)


Ezra gravitates to John Deere tractors of any shape or size!


We took a little field trip out to see the windmills!


Ezra was so excited!


We also got to eat lunch at the restaurant where Julia works! So delicious! I wish we could eat there again! Especially since I didn’t get to try any of the desserts that Julia had made!


And then we were off… we were close to enough that we got to pop into one more state to add to Ezra’s list without going out of our way!


That evening we got to stay with our friends, Lane & Michelle & their daughters! It was great to get to see them again!

Their daughter was one of Ezra’s babysitters at BFA & she was excited to see him again! (He didn’t mind seeing her, he was just too busy watching cartoons at this moment to really want to be hugged.)


Ezra loved their dog, Maggie, though! He had to cover her with all his blankies!


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