Visiting Oregon

Three days after arriving in Maryland, we flew off to Oregon for two & a half weeks. It was a good time of visiting with my family & with some of our extended family & friends in the area.

Ezra’s favorite pastime – ‘throwing’ the ball to my brother’s dog, Jewel!


One day we took Ezra out to the field where my dad & brothers were working & Ezra got to ride on all the heavy equipment. He loved it! He would sit up tall & shout, “Bye, Mom!” over & over while he drove away. I’m wondering how soon we can start shipping him to Oregon in the summers to work with my dad!

Ezra & Grandpa on the backhoe


Sitting on the plow with Uncle Noah

Riding on the bulldozer with Uncle Caleb

Such a big boy in the big truck!


Nothing better than a summer morning & a hot air balloon in your backyard!

While we were in Oregon, we celebrated all the summer birthdays in our family, which is over half of us & included Ezra. He wasn’t sure at first, but he was pretty excited about the whole present-thing by the end!

Being the only grandkid & nephew has its’ advantages!

My parents took all of us on a family vacation to the Olympic Peninsula for four days! It was a long drive, but definitely a beautiful area of Washington. They rented a nice house right on Lake Sutherland. We had quite the amazing view!

Fishing in the morning

We also toured around the Olympic Peninsula & saw some of the sights.

‘Wildlife’ on Hurricane Ridge

The view from Hurricane Ridge – looking at Vancouver Island

Apparently, we needed to have a family meeting while we were here!

We had to find a park for Ezra to swing…

… & Caleb to skate!

Uncle Caleb teaching Ezra how to skate!

The next day we went on a family ‘hike’ (less than 2 miles, but that is a LONG way to some people in my family!) to Sol Duc Falls.


Looking down the river toward the falls

Sol Duc Falls

Nothing beats the Washington Coast, except maybe the Oregon Coast!

Family picnic at the coast (Can you tell it isn’t very warm?)

What do you do when you forget to bring your child a warm coat? Improvise!

We also stopped in Forks, which is where the Twilight series is set. I haven’t read the books, but it came up occasionally amongst my small group girls, so this picture is for them. 


I always wish I was better at taking pictures, but I get so busy enjoying the moment that I forget to get my camera out & actually take pictures of all the fun we are having. So, you are just going to have to trust me that we saw lots of family & friends while we were in Oregon; I just forgot to document it!

Micah is better at remembering than I am, which is why there is a fun ‘family time’ picture like this:

Story time before bed!

Next up…Road Trip!!!


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